Fleece – a multi-talented material

Our most important material is thermoplastic fleece. This material can be used for a variety of applications: for thermal insulation, noise dampening and insulation, for mechanical protection and for absorbance. With BRANOfleece, we offer you customised solutions for processing fleece as well as special applications using this unique material.


Fleece is not just suited to the filtration of air. Its special properties mean it can be used in many different ways. Fleece insulates, soundproofs and filters. It is suitable as protection from heat, cold, damp, noise and mechanical stresses. It can be used as a packing material, in buildings as insulation and building material and for sound proofing – to name but a few examples.

We at BRANOfilter have been working with this unique material for many years and are therefore in a position to offer excellent expertise when it comes to the processing of fleece material. Our specialist team has had the opportunity to test the diverse properties of this multi-talented material over many years. This allows us to offer you customised fleece solutions tailor-made to your requirements.

Fleece, special thermoplastic fleece, is able to be very well moulded above a certain temperature and, thanks to modern fusing systems, can be permanently joined. This has great advantages for heat insulation as we are able to precisely match, for example, coatings, hoods or linings made of fleece to the shape of the respective product, e.g. pipelines. Intensive development has revealed that thermal conductibility is lowered by fleece and therefore the insulating performance can be significantly increased.

Soundproofing means quality of life.

Whether at the workplace or during leisure activities, fleece is perfectly suited for soundproofing and insulating. Whether for machine manufacture or systems engineering, construction or the automobile industry, fleece is made up of a high number of fibres that prevents the diffusion of sound waves. Whether as a sound-dampening hood, mat or coating: fleece can be easily moulded and can be shaped to ideally fit the contours of sources of sound, for example a machine.

Diverse customer solutions for perfect protection

All-round reliable protection for your product

Dust, humidity, scratches or knocks – fleece offers effective mechanical protection, above all during the transportation or the processing of your products. Thanks to its three-dimensional malleability, fleece can be used as a lining for ridged, reusable transport containers.

Fleece has a high capacity for the absorption of liquid and can therefore be used as protection against humidity. The finer the fibres, the greater the surface area and thus the greater the absorption capacity. Moreover, fleece can be given various different finishes and thus achieve optimal absorption capacity for the requirements, for the relevant liquid and according to need.

Do you need a special coating? Would you like to mould fleece or combine it with other materials? We would be happy to offer you advice and to work together with you to develop a customised solution to best take advantage of the benefits of fleece. For your individual projects. For your success. 

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