BRANOfilter GmbH

An international company with worldwide locations

BRANOfilter is an internationally established company. Our headquarters are located in Dietenhofen from where we have developed a network of affiliated companies in Europe and Asia to ensure cost-effective production and access to the global markets.

Our subsidiary BRANOfiltration in Ningbo/China services the strongly expanding Asian market.

Our plant BRANOfilter CZ in Hlinsko/Czech Republic is specialized in producing vacuum cleaner bags made out of paper. BRANOfilter CZ has an extended scope of assembly works such as punching, laminating and packaging.


Every success has its roots

Foundation of the paper wholesale firm Brangs & Heinrich

Initial manual production of single-layer dust filter bags

Initial automatic production of filter bags

Foundation of BRANOfilter GmbH as an independent company and move to the current location of the company headquarters in Dietenhofen

First issue of a patent for interlocking systems for dust filter bags

Formation of our own development and test laboratory

BRANOfilter set up its own website

Foundation of ETAfilter in Hlinsko, Czech Republic

First company in this industry to use optical systems for quality assurance

Mass production of synthetic filter bags and application for a patent for the synthetic bag with progressive fabric

Foundation of BRANOfiltration in Ningbo, China

Request for the grant of a patent for the synthetic bag with flexible side gusset, granted in 2008

Request for the grant of a patent for the universal filter bag with adapter, granted in 2009

Production on the first inline system: “It starts with a fleece web and ends with dust filter bags, packaged in folding boxes stacked on pallets, ready for shipment"

Production of the first dust filter bag generation with a filter performance according to filter grade HEPA11

Issue of a patent in China for a mounting plate with stamped locking slide (Millions of this product have been produced and sold)

BRANOfilter set up the Onlineshop

BRANOfilter marks its 25th anniversary

BRANOfilter set up the dictionary BRANOpedia

New BRANOfilter Website online

A clean environment is fundamental to all aspects of life. We at BRANOfilter have made it our mission to play our part. We offer system solutions for a naturally cleaner future – one that is steeped in tradition. For over 30 years, we have manufactured high-quality filter systems for households, industry and crafts. Above all, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Distinguished by a strong capacity for innovation, a long-term vision and a keen eye for the demands of the market, BRANOfilter is today an internationally established company with the core competence of being able to implement individual solutions that are tailored to the wishes of our customers.

BRANOfilter GmbH was formed from the paper wholesaler Brangs & Heinrich, which was founded in 1875, and started production of filter bags as an independent company in Dietenhofen, Germany in 1985.

BRANOfilter has since built up a network of subsidiary companies in Europe and Asia to ensure the economic efficiency of the production process and secure access to global markets. The subsidiary company BRANOfiltration in Ningbo, China, caters for the rapidly expanding Asian market. Our site in Hlinsko, Czech Republic, ensures demand-orientated supply and short transport routes to the Eastern European markets.

The BRANO brand stands for

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Service
Branohvac Products

As an independent manufacturer, we keep control of all parameters relevant to processes and quality. Flat hierarchies and short decision paths combined with our comprehensive product range mean we are able to react individually, quickly and flexible to customer demands.

Sustainable service and a customer-orientated attitude guide our entire work. A customer-orientated attitude is our top priority across all levels. All products and processes are orientated towards the benefit of our customers.

Quality is the basis for long-term success. Many years of experience, know-how and technology made in Germany, qualified and highly motivated employees, mature processes and systems as well as the most modern manufacturing plants ensure the high BRANO quality. That’s the reason why renowned companies such as Miele, Siemens, Vorwerk, Nilfisk and Kärcher value BRANO products and put their trust in the brand.

In keeping with the slogan “We uphold your values”, BRANO supports its customers in achieving market success. We do this by tailor-made products, processes and services according to customers’ wishes and to a very high standard. BRANO constantly expands its range of products in order to meet the changing requirements of the market and to develop new business fields and markets.

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