BRANOfilter is your quality producer of exhaust air filters for the vacuum cleaner

BRANOfilter exhaust air filters
BRANOfilter exhaust air filters

Do you wish to have not only a clean floor but also healthy air quality after vacuuming? Then make sure your vacuum cleaner is using a high quality exhaust air filter. The exhaust air filter is responsible for filtering microparticles out of the air blown out of the appliance. With a filter from BRANOfilter you have chosen first-class quality "Made in Germany".

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Exhaust air filter – the main facts at a glance:

Type of filter

Exhaust air filter (blow-out filter, microfilter, particulate filter)


Special sizes by request


Polypropylene (continuous filament, not harmful to health) (PP)

Filter classes

EPA 10 – H13 max.

Potential uses

Vacuum cleaners: Household and industrial vacuum cleaners

Frame types

Plastic frames, frameless flat filters

Delivery time

According to arrangement

Special features and technical properties

  • Filter medium with very good balance between pressure loss and filtration efficiency
  • Very high air permeability
  • High mechanical filtration efficiency
  • Extremely robust and durable

Environmentally friendly

Recyclable, fully incinerable, manufactured in an environmentally-conscious way (refer to our sustainability report), long service life.

Production location

Made in Germany

What is an exhaust air filter in a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner sucks up the air at floor level, collecting the dirt particles lying there in the process. Depending on the construction of the vacuum cleaner, the dirt finds its way into the vacuum cleaner bag or the collection chamber. After that, the sucked-in air is blown out of the vacuum cleaner through the exhaust air filter. Also called a blow-out filter, this exhaust air filter ensures that virtually no fine particles of dirt can find their way out into the air. Other common names for the exhaust air filter are microfilter and HEPA filter.

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Square exhaust air filter
Square exhaust air filter

Why is a high-quality exhaust air filter important in a vacuum cleaner?

In every household substantial amounts of dust accumulate. According to the federal environment office (UBA) this amounts to an average of 6 milligrams of house dust per square meter of floor every day. This includes dirt that is brought in from the outside, as well as fiber components from clothing and flakes of skin from the occupants of the house.

The chemicals, allergens, and general pollutants present in the air adhere to the microscopically small dirt particles. If breathed in, this contaminated particulate matter can find its way into the lungs and blood and harm the health. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers react particularly sensitively to this, so they should choose a filter with strong filter efficiency.

Should the sucked-in air leave the vacuum cleaner again poorly filtered, the stirring up of the room air would make its quality even worse than it was before vacuuming. But if a good quality vacuum cleaner is used with a professional exhaust air filter from BRANOfilter, the quality of the room air is improved noticeably.

The use of an exhaust air filter in industrial vacuum cleaners is of particular importance, and sometimes even stipulated by law. Especially in cases where hazardous substances are vacuumed up, first-rate filtration efficiency is an absolute necessity.

How does a vacuum cleaner exhaust air filter from BRANOfilter work?

Our filters, which we manufacture out of composite fleeces, guarantee you optimum filter efficiency, because they are capable of filtering out particles of different sizes:

  • Alone because of their inertia, larger particles impact against the filter fibers (inertia effect).
  • Smaller particles follow the flow of air and because of that they get caught in the fibers (interception effect) 
  • Very small particles which do not follow the flow of air adapt their movement to the air molecules. This causes them to come close to the fibers and they get caught there (diffusion effect).
Kidney-shaped exhaust air filter
Kidney-shaped exhaust air filter

Which different exhaust air filters for vacuum cleaners does BRANOfilter offer?

At BRANOfilter we have exhaust air filters  of different filter classes for all common vacuum cleaner models – regardless whether floor or hand-held vacuum cleaner, and regardless whether with bag or without. We have filters for household vacuum cleaners as well as filters for industrial vacuum cleaners.

For high-performance vacuum cleaner models we offer product-specific filters. The most common type of construction is the filter cassette.  It consists of a folded filter medium placed in a plastic frame and offers optimum filtering efficiency in a minimum of space. BRANO filter cassettes are produced exclusively by our Chinese subsidiary BRANOfiltration in Ningbo.

We supply notable vacuum cleaner manufacturers which equip their machines with our filters. For our customers we develop filter solutions optimized for the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner. In addition to filter cassettes also low-priced universal filters are available which can be tailored to individual needs.

What are the different filter classes for vacuum cleaner exhaust air filters?

Vacuum cleaner exhaust air filters can be divided into different filter classes according to their filter efficiency. Classification is based on the European standard EN 1822-1/2009. An EPA 10 filter filters more than 85% of the dust particles; an ULPA filter allows virtually nothing to get through. The filter classes typically in use in a regular household are EPA 10 and EPA 11. ULPA filter classes are usually only necessary in extreme application environments, such as clean rooms.

Filter class

Filtration efficiency

Area of application

EPA 10

> 85 percent


EPA 11

> 95 percent

EPA 12

> 99,5 percent

Allergy-sufferer household, industry


> 99,95 percent


> 99,995 percent


> 99,9995 percent

Operation room, clean room, scientific use, industry


> 99,99995 percent


> 99,999995 percent

The meaning of the individual acronyms is listed as follows:

  • EPA: High efficiency particle filter (Efficient Particulate Air filter)
  • HEPA: Particulate filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • ULPA: High-efficiency particulate filter (Ultra-Low Penetration Air filter)

Note: Some vacuum cleaner manufacturers don't always apply the term HEPA filter in compliance with the standard. Moreover, the filtration efficiency specified above can only be achieved if the filters are replaced on a regular basis.

Motor protection filters
Motor protection filters

How often should the vacuum cleaner's exhaust air filter be replaced?

To ensure optimum suction capacity it is necessary to replace the exhaust air filter on a regular basis. We recommend a replacement rate of once per year. But even more often in cases of frequent vacuuming or extreme uses. Please observe the instructions of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

BRANOfilter: Your producer of exhaust air filters in Germany

BRANOfilter is one of Europe's leading producers of non-woven filter systems. In our research and development department we have been developing custom filter solutions for households, industry and trades for more than 30 years now.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers and users around the world are convinced by our highly efficient exhaust air filters and vacuum cleaner bags. We are also happy to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of service and innovative strength, too. What can we do for you?