BRANOfilter is FSC®-certified!

Sustainable action and taking responsibility.

For a clean future. BRANOfilter has been guided by this vision since 1985. But it is not only the function of our products that should have a positive impact on air purity. For us, the entire value chain from resource sourcing to the manufacturing process until the usage by the end customer should live up to our claim of acting sustainably and responsibly.

In addition to our goal of a climate-neutral production by 2025, we are expanding our sustainability focus to include forest-based product components and their supply chain through FSC certification. FSC offers us the possibility to contribute to the protection of resources while maintaining established quality standards. Our location in Hlinsko (CZ) is also involved in this process. Since 1998 we have been producing high-quality filters there made of paper and retaining plates made of cardboard, which, as a forest resource, offer a renewable alternative to nonwovens and plastic collars. Continual product optimization, highest quality standards and a responsible use of resources ensure our customers an all-round sustainable product - for a clean future.

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Our input for controlled forest-based products.

Through FSC certification, we assume even more responsibility for sustainable resource procurement while ensuring social standards in the forest industry. The certification concerns all products in which at least one component is made of forest-based materials (wood, paper, cardboard). Such a component can be, for example, a cardboard holding plate, the packaging, or a complete paper filter bag. The FSC label testifies that the material being used is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Support us in preserving the renewable resource wood by choosing our more sustainable products in your purchase - for a clean future.

BRANOfilter ist FSC-Zertifiziert

FSC-Certification System

Forest Stewardship Council® - For over 25 years FSC has been committed to protecting important environmental and social standards in the forest. The certification process is audited by independent third parties and repeated annually. By purchasing paper products with the FSC label consumers are taking the decision to support the sustainable use of forest resources.

The FSC label ensures that forests are not overused, and that clear cutting is avoided, biodiversity is enhanced, and the use of pesticides is significantly reduced. FSC is committed to increasing naturally mixed forests, conserving forest soil, and protecting rare species and ecosystems. As a result, forests are more stable in a changing climate and can absorb more CO2 as an ecosystem in the long term. Through high social standards, FSC ensures fair wage levels and promotes more citizen participation in the forest.

The FSC system ensures the use of forests in accordance with the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations - for a clean future.


BRANOfilter ist FSC-Zertifiziert