Now special filter from BRANOfilter for a central vacuum cleaning system

 -      Tedious hauling of the vacuum cleaner through rooms and over floors is no longer necessary.

-       Fine and coarse dust lands in the central unit which is generally located in the basement or storeroom.

So that the dirt particles collected can be disposed of easily and hygienically at this point, BRANOfilter – Germany has developed a special fleece filter for M.D. Manufacturing Inc., one of the leading providers of central extractors in the USA. This filter system with our fleece bag convinces with the following features:

-       Equipped with a 3-way adapter for optimal positioning of the bag in the device can.

-       Unique sealing cap on the bag guarantees hygienic disposal.

-       5-layer absolutely tear-resistant fleece material offers better and significantly more dust absorption          

        conventional bag variants made from paper.


This high quality fleece bag for central extractors was presented for the first time at VDTA in Las Vegas in February 2017. It is sold through M.D. Manufacturing Inc. in the USA.

Patent pending

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