Innovative through research - BRANOfilter receives certification from the Deutsche Stifterverband (German Donor's Association)

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), a survey is conducted each year among research companies in Germany on their research and development activities. Among the core indicators applied are the financial and personnel resources that companies invest in their research and development departments.

The accrued data are used to calculate a scientific statistic that, in turn, is part of the official EU statistic on research and development. This means that this evaluation is of very great importance for the comparative assessment of the research and development activities within individual branches of the economy, regions, the entire national economy, and right through to comparing the research and development activities in the different countries of the EU. One way that the German federal government uses these statistics is as a basis when making decisions on technology policy and making government funding available.

BRANOfilter has been awarded the certification mark “Innovative through research” for the company’s continued commitment in the area of research and development.


BRANOfilter at VDTA in Las Vegas

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