Own defibrillator at BRANOfilter

Defibrillators are mainly found in public buildings such as airports, railway stations, swimming pools etc. and for some time now at BRANOfilter.

The acquisition of this device for the protection of our employees was important to us, because a defibrillator can save lives in case of emergency. In an emergency, ventricular fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmias will be counteracted through targeted power surges and cardiac arrest will be prevented as a result.

Employees from all departments were trained to use the company’s own defibrillator in a first responder course. But the defibrillator can also be operated without any training. The order of required hand movements is strikingly described and is even announced by the device.

Nevertheless, we hope that our defibrillator stays in its box and an emergency never arises at our company.

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