StiWa test winner with filter bag from Branofilter

17 household vacuums were tested by Stiftung Warentest. Particular attention was paid to the efficiency rating since only vacuum cleaners with a maximum output of 1,600 watts (only up to a max. of 900 watt from 2017) can be brought to market in accordance with the EU eco-guidelines.

With its 650 watt output, the Siemens device clearly falls under energy efficiency rating A (extremely low energy consumption) but still provided the best vacuuming performance among all of the vacuums tested. On top of this, the Siemens vacuum cleaner is pleasantly quiet and also convinced the jury when it came to handling and looks.

Such a first-rate performance can only be achieved if all of the vacuum cleaner components – housing, motor, suction nozzles and brushes, various filters and filter cartridges, etc. – are perfectly matched to one another. We are delighted and proud that we were able to contribute to this excellent result with the fleece bag developed and produced by us.

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