Success at BRANOfilter in spite of handicap

Success at BRANOfilter in spite of handicap

In close collaboration with the Counselling Workshop in Ansbach, a young man, who suffers from epilepsy, is being successfully welcomed into working with us.

“I would like to work and earn money,“ says Mr. Feuerlein. His iron will and determination attracted positive attention from the counsellor and therefore they have supported and helped their protégée where possible on the difficult path to employment.

First of all, Mr. Feuerlein’s medication was adapted optimally. Then he was led into daily working life step by step. So he had to learn to travel on public transport and overcome his shyness of contact and conversations with other people.

After he overcame these hurdles, he wanted to have a proper job. And so he started an internship in manufacturing at BRANOfilter quite some time ago. He proved himself to be an extremely determined worker at counting, sorting out, laminating, filling flange magazine boxes and put himself forward for shift work.

In the meantime, Mr. Feuerlein has become  an equal productions assistant. BRANOfilter has acknowledged all of the commitment and motivation with a contract of employment. For Mr. Feuerlein it was a long awaited desire and a dream come true.

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