Ventilation filters made in Germany by BRANOfilter for China

The media has already reported that Chinese metropolises, especially Beijing, are suffering from industrial smog and extreme air pollution. As a protection against the high level of pollution, buildings – homes, schools, offices etc. – are being equipped with ventilation filters that filter out dirt particles.

No wonder that this business, which started with HVAC filters from simple filter mats, compact filters and Mini Pleats up to the upmarket panel filters and Z-line filters, is booming in China.

Even BRANOfilter has already shipped panel filters to China. These filters are manufactured at the German head office in Dietenhofen.

BRANOfilter offers various ventilation filters of the classes G1-G4 (coarse dust filters), M5-M6 (medium dust particles) and F7-F9 (fine dust). Our panel filters are available with  frames made of cardboard, synthetic material and very recently foam in various frame sizes and thicknesses. Feel free to enquire about our HVAC products, we are happy to advise you.

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