Panel filters – compact solutions for a better indoor climate

BRANOfilter range of ventilation filters
BRANOfilter range of ventilation filters

Panel filters or minipleats are also known as filter cells, pleat filters, frame filters or cassette filters.

In the manufacture of BRANO panel filters, we use state-of-the-art MiniPleat technology.  This is based upon the manufacture of pleat packs made from a filter medium of synthetic non-woven  fabric from IREMA GmbH, ensuring an extremely high degree of inherent stability. Thin hot-melt threads are employed to fix the pleats in position, so guaranteeing correct spacing. This results in an aerodynamic  V-shaped pleat technology with a high filter surface area. The special pleating ensures that the filter cells comprise a high degree of stability and, in addition, are resistant to high air humidity.  Depending upon application, filter class or filter type, specially developed pleat packs are used to achieve optimum filtration performance and maximum economic efficiency.

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Material characteristics and product features of BRANO panel filters

  • Synthetic MiniPleat  of 100% Polypropylene 
  • Frame of plastic or Polypropylene and filter medium completely incinerable 
  • Filter medium with well-balanced ratio between pressure loss and degree of separation 
  • Extremely high air permeability 
  • Continuous fibers without  health hazard  
  • Classification  to DIN EN 779 and DIN EN ISO 16890:2016
  • Can be used even at very high relative air humidity (up to 100% r.h.)
  • Thermally stable up to maximum 80° C
  • High mechanical filtration peformance  
  • Extremely robust and durable 
  • Suitable for high volume flow rates  
  • Made in Germany

High dust retention capacity even at low installation depth 

Panel filters with MiniPleat filter cells are used wherever a high volume flow rate and hence a high filter surface area are required and, at the same time, only limited space is available. A panel filter enables particularly high dust retention capacity even at low installation depth, and features a stable, compact design together with low unit weight. This is also ensured by the frames which, as a rule, consist of Polypropylene plastic (Polystyrol / ABS) or plastic with head frames. These (and naturally the filter medium also) are completely incinerable and therefore absolutely environmental-friendly. At the same time, the BRANO panel filter is highly energy- and cost-efficient, thanks to its long service life. And, where space is limited, a panel filter can efficiently substitute for a pocket filter.

Panel filters can be used in numerous different fields of application 

Everywhere where clean, healthy indoor air is especially important, BRANO high-quality indoor-air filters are used in ventilation systems for cleaning supply air and exhaust air – in hospitals, computer centers, offices, in the pharmaceutical industry or in food manufacture; but also, in forced ventilation systems for low-energy technology (with or without heat recovery) and in controlled domestic ventilation systems, panel filters are a frequent choice.

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