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Healthcare & Dentistry

Filters and bags for medical devices and floor cleaning products

Clean air to breathe continues to gain importance in healthcare. Nowhere else is it more critical to minimize the spread of pathogens and ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. We therefore give top priority to developing first-class filter products for medical devices and applications and thus making a significant contribution to safety and hygiene in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare & Dentistry

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Healthcare & Dentistry

In healthcare facilities, ensuring clean air quality is a top priority to minimize the spread of pathogens. Advanced filtration technologies play a crucial role, especially with regard to the safety of patients, medical staff and visitors.

Filter for hygienic room air
Air filters, especially HEPA-Filter, are used in sensitive areas such as wound treatment rooms, operating rooms and isolation rooms to eliminate microparticles, viruses and bacteria. The result is an environment that significantly reduces the risk of infections.

Use in medical devices
filter media, which are used in various medical devices, offer long-lasting and reliable protection against viruses and bacteria and thus prevent their spread. Our filter media is used in Ventilators, incubators for premature babies, masks for sleep apnea and many other medical devices.

Effective extraction of pollutants
filter bag and HEPA exhaust filter for suction systems, which are primarily used in dentistry, ensure the reliable suction and storage of dangerous pollutants such as heavy metals, viruses and bacteria as well as other fine particles that spread into the air during patient treatment or when processing dentures.

Filtration solutions for hygienic healthcare environments
In the healthcare sector we develop and produce the following products: HEPA and ULPA filters for air conditioning systems, Medical device filtersBags for suction systems and filters for physio devices.

There are many options for filtering viruses and particles in healthcare and thus ensuring a hygienic and clean environment. At BRANOfilter, we understand the urgency of providing reliable and efficient filtration systems. Our high-quality filter products for medical devices are designed to meet the highest safety standards. Through continuous research and development, we are committed to making a significant contribution to creating hygienic environments in healthcare facilities.

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