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Pocket filters

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Efficient air purification for optimal air quality

Pocket filters

Pocket filters are among the most commonly used types of filters and ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere. They effectively capture particles and pollutants from the air while allowing clean air to flow through them. Their robust construction and high-quality materials ensure a long service life continuous and reliable filter performance and easy maintenance.

Die Taschen des Filters sind speziell konstruiert, um eine große Filterfläche bereitzustellen, was eine effiziente Filtration ermöglicht. Unsere Taschenfilter sind in verschiedenen Größen, mit verschiedenen Taschenanzahlen, Rahmentypen und Filterklassen erhältlich, die den spezifischen Anforderungen und Verschmutzungsgraden Ihrer Anwendung gerecht werden. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach mit den gewünschten Abmessungen, und wir stellen die passenden Filter für Sie bereit.

ISO 16890

Made in EU

Areas of application

Pocket filters are used in the following areas, among others:

  • Industrial environment
  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • laboratories
  • Locations
  • Shopping centers
  • Public institutions

The wide range of applications and the reliable performance make it Pocket filters an indispensable element for ensuring optimal air quality in various areas.



  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Sizes: Standard sizes and special sizes on request
  • Filter classes DIN ISO 16890: ISO Coarse 75%, ePM10 55%, ePM10 70%, ePM2,5 65%, ePM1 70% ePM1 80%
  • Filter classes EN779: G4, M5, M6, F7, F8, F9
  • Temperature resistance: 70°C
  • Moisture resistance: 90%
  • Environmentally friendly: frame with 100% recycled content possible
  • Frame options/special options: metal frame, plastic frame

Technical data

Filter classes ISO 16890Nominal volume flowInitial pressure lossFilter classes DIN EN 779: 2012
ISO Coarse 65%3400 m³/h40 paG4
ISO ePM10 65%3400 m³/h55 paM5
ISO ePM10 75%3400 m³/h100 paF7
ISO ePM2,5 65%3400 m³/h120 paF7
ISO ePM1 60%3400 m³/h140 paF9
ISO ePM1 80%3400 m³/h165 paF9
Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our development service

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our team develops individual filter concepts that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Trust in our expertise to simplify your development work and create innovative solutions.

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