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Printing & Varnishing

Filter equipment for printing systems and painting work

In order to always achieve flawless and clean results when printing and painting and to protect the health of the user, high-quality filter systems are crucial. Our specially developed filter products for dampening solution preparation in large printing presses as well as filters for industrial painting systems guarantee excellent results.

Printing & Varnishing

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Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our team develops individual filter concepts that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Trust in our expertise to simplify your development work and create innovative solutions.

Printing & Varnishing

Filtration systems for large printing machines: Quality for gravure, rotary and offset production
Our filter systems are optimally used in pressurized water treatment systems, especially in so-called dampening solution devices. By using high-quality filter material, you not only achieve first-class filter results, but also sustainably improve the quality of your printed products. The increased filter surface ensures longer service life, which leads to optimized printing results.

We understand that every printing process is unique. That’s why we also offer tailor-made filter systems that can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes. The use of state-of-the-art materials allows for efficient removal of particles and contaminants, optimizing print quality and minimizing wear and tear on your machines. When designing ours filter systems We make sure to enable uncomplicated maintenance. This serves to reduce downtime to a minimum and ensure trouble-free production.

Filter insert in industrial painting systems
In order to achieve perfect painting results, precision and quality when painting surfaces is crucial. Even minor dust inclusions not only have a negative impact on the aesthetic appearance, but also cause additional costs. Our effective supply and exhaust air filtration solutions play a critical role in ensuring outstanding painting results and reducing paint particles in the indoor air.

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