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Sustainability report

For a clean future – BRANOfilter

Our Sustainability Strategy

Resource-efficient, sustainable business practices are considered one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. As a medium-sized industrial company, we are committed to the principle of sustainability and recognize our ecological, economic, and social responsibilities as an employer.

To advance sustainable actions at BRANOfilter, we specifically developed our Sustainability Strategy 2025, titled “BRANOgreen.”

So that our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, the public, and stakeholders can understand the progress and successes in achieving these goals, we publish the sustainability report of BRANOfilter GmbH here.

Sustainability report
Sustainability report Sustainability report

Excerpt from the Sustainability Report 2022

In the fourth edition of our Sustainability Report, we at BRANOfilter report on and describe our progress and projects in all business areas, how we think about, live, and advance sustainability in the company. Already in 2013, we documented and published our efforts and endeavors on sustainability in writing for the first time. Just as BRANOfilter has grown and evolved since those days, our efforts in accordance with our guiding principle “for a clean future” have also progressed. A development that is intended to lead to long-term improvement requires periodic assessments, new thinking, insights, corrections, discipline, practice, patience, and perseverance. We know where we stand, we know our goals, and we are eager to see what challenges lie ahead for us.

We continuously collect various metrics to translate our progress into tangible and comparable figures. We are proud to report that greenhouse gas emissions according to Scope 1 and 2 were reduced by 178 tons in the reporting year 2022 compared to the base year (2015). This once again demonstrates our success in reducing our CO2 emissions and brings us one step closer to our goal of carbon-neutral production (See Chapter 5 – Environmental Guidelines).

On the path to our goal, capturing Scope 3 emissions, which includes emissions along our upstream and downstream value chain, such as waste generation in operations, employee commuting, and the use and disposal of sold products, is also crucial. This effort, which requires significant contributions from our entire supply chain, will be part of the next Sustainability Report, scheduled for release in 2025, with the main theme being carbon-neutral production at the Dietenhofen site.

For BRANOfilter, sustainability means acting socially, ecologically, committedly, climate-neutrally, fairly, long-term, and responsibly. We are proud of the many changes we have been able to drive in our company since the last report. Join us on our journey.

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