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BRANOgreen recycling bag

Highest recycling content with consistent performance

“Our new vacuum cleaner bag impressively demonstrates that environmental friendliness and high performance can go hand in hand.”

Karl Martin, Head of Research and Development

We present the result of months of development work – our BRANOgreen Recycling Bag, an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner bag with a recycling content of 80%*¹ and a filtration efficiency of 99.99%*². Our strategy follows the principle of ‘Reduce before Recycle’. This means that we use materials efficiently and consistently minimize unnecessary components. In doing so, we maximize the proportion of recycled components such as nonwoven layers and support plates.

The concept has been applicable to almost all industrial and household bags of our customers since December.

*¹ Shares of post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates, tolerance +/-5% *² in conjunction with exhaust filter

BRANOgreen recycling bag
BRANOgreen recycling bag BRANOgreen recycling bag

Authentically sustainable, without compromise

During the development process, we placed special emphasis on the efficient use of materials. Our BRANOgreen sustainability strategy follows the principle of ‘reduce before recycle’. This means that materials that are not essential for functionality are consistently minimized before the highest possible proportion of recycled material is used for functionality. Accordingly, we clearly distance ourselves from the use of non-performance-relevant components solely to increase the recycling rate. Instead, at BRANOfilter, we process only what is essential for the performance of our products. This comprehensive commitment to sustainability is reflected in our environmentally conscious choice and processing of materials.

Consistent performance with outstanding recycling rate

The careful construction of the vacuum cleaner bag, consisting of a total of four nonwoven layers, ensures consistently high filtration performance. The innermost layer, a pre-filter made from recycled PET, combines a high proportion of recycled material with exceptional dust retention capacity at an above-average level. The dust retention capacity ensures that suction power is maintained even when the bag is full, reducing the vacuum cleaner’s energy consumption. This ensures that our products not only are environmentally friendly but also offer high performance.

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