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Working with hazardous substances

Individual filter bags for extraction in hazardous substances areas

Effective hazardous material extraction is crucial in various industries to not only ensure workplace safety but also minimize environmental impact. Extraction systems equipped with specially developed filtration products play a key role in the disposal of hazardous substances. The hazardous substances are collected in high-quality filter bags, filtered and sealed for dust-free disposal.

Working with hazardous substances

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Working with hazardous substances

Extraction systems equipped with high-quality filter bags
Hazardous substances in the workplace require an awareness of strict legal regulations, which can vary depending on the industry and region. Through correct extraction and safe disposal, companies not only contribute to increasing workplace safety, but also minimize the risk of accidents and damage to the health of their employees. Our filter bag collect the hazardous substance and filter it out of the clean air.

Effective extraction near the source of airborne hazardous substances is crucial to creating a safe working environment. High-quality extraction systems are indispensable, especially when there are dangerous welding fume emissions or in metal cutting with cooling lubricants. Targeted extraction not only enables the safe removal of pollutants, but also creates optimal air quality in the workplace.

Asbestos abatement
But there are also dangerous substances lurking in the construction industry, which can be eliminated through efficient filtering and disposal Safety and disposal bags abgeschieden werden können. Asbestos Long used for housing construction, it was banned because of its carcinogenic properties. Demolition, renovation and maintenance work in connection with asbestos should only be carried out by specialist companies with the necessary equipment. When extracting, you should always use H-asbestos industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with Safety and disposal bags as well as the associated ones Cassette and cartridge filters in HEPA quality should be used.

Explosion protection (ex protection)
Industrial processes often involve flammable substances, including potentially combustible dusts. These can be released through process-related measures, such as relief valves, or through unforeseen incidents. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to protect against explosions. Explosion protection bags are used to extract these dusts and prevent uncontrolled sparks from occurring, which could cause the gas mixture to ignite.

Control hazardous substances
The use of extraction systems, be it through extraction arms or ventilation systems, is a proactive measure to effectively capture hazardous substances and to make the working environment safe and healthy. We develop filter bags for integration into your extraction systems to ensure maximum performance.

We develop and produce many other filtration products for a clean working environment when working with hazardous substances: Safety bags, disposal bags, HEPA filter, explosion protection bags, bags for welding fume extraction.

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