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Filter bag for dental suction

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Protection against fine dust in dentistry

Filter bag for dental suction

Filter bags for dental suction are in the dentistry indispensable. Our high-quality fine dust filters are specially designed to filter out dangerous pollutants and fine particles that accumulate during the production of plaster models, crowns, inlays etc. spread in the air, reliably extracted. By using high quality Filter bag with integrated pre-filter the strain on the lungs is minimized.

Fine dust, i.e. fine particles in the range of 0,01 to 1 μm, pose a serious threat, especially to dental workers. Inadequate suction when working with materials such as cobalt, nickel, beryllium, quartz, plaster, gold or plastic can lead to health problems. Therefore there is one efficient suction crucial to protect employee health and avoid long-term effects.

Our filter bag Not only do they ensure effective extraction, they are also of the highest quality and offer long-lasting use in the device thanks to their high dust storage capacity. Trust our products to create a safe dental work environment. Invest in protecting your employees and avoid potential health risks by using our first-class extraction filters.

Enables a healthy work environment

Areas of application

Dental filter bags are used in the suction systems to effectively extract dangerous pollutants and fine dust that arise during dental treatments. They are widely used in dentistry and are used in the following areas:

  • Dental practices
  • dental laboratories
  • orthodontic facilities
Healthcare & DentistryHealthcare & Dentistry


  • Development individually according to customer requirements, innovative and “bottom-up”
  • Use of high-quality paper and fleece filter media
  • Use of several individual layers of complementary high-performance fleece webs
  • High filter efficiency and fine dust storage capacity through careful selection of the individual layers

Technical data

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our development service

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our team develops individual filter concepts that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Trust in our expertise to simplify your development work and create innovative solutions.

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