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Motor protection filter

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Optimal protection and maximum performance for the engine

Motor protection filter

Motor protection filter are used to ensure service life and performance Engines by protecting against harmful external influences. The main purpose of this Filter lies in protecting the engine from intrusion Dirt, dust, particles and other contaminants as these foreign objects could damage the engine and reduce efficiency.

Our motor protection filter are manufactured with care from high-quality special filter media. Filters are installed with and without a frame or housing. The housing is usually made of plastic. Their design aims to effectively retain particles of various sizes without unnecessarily restricting airflow to the engine. The filter usually prevents damage in the event of a disaster, i.e. a failure of the previous filter stage. The filter is often replaced by a exhaust filter supplements that Motor is connected downstream and for one low in particles emissions from the device.

Optimize the performance of your engines with our tailor-made ones Motor protection filters. Contact us today for individual advice and let us develop the perfect motor protection filter for your application together. Your engines deserve the best care – rely on tailor-made solutions for peak performance and longevity.

Areas of application

Motor protection filters are used in various industries and areas:

  • Household and industrial vacuum cleaners
  • industrial machines
  • household appliances
  • other electrical applications.

 They are particularly important in environments where the engine could be at risk from dirt or dust.

Professional cleaningProfessional cleaning
Working with hazardous substancesWorking with hazardous substances


  • Engine-specific adjustment for optimal fit and performance
  • High filtration performance
  • Robust construction and long-term stability
  • With or without housing
  • High-quality filter medium for effective cleaning

Technical data

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our development service

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our team develops individual filter concepts that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Trust in our expertise to simplify your development work and create innovative solutions.

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