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Efficient particle removal for clean air

HEPA filter

HEPA filter, also known as particle filters or fine dust filters, are highly effective filters that are used to Suspended solids (< 1 µm) to remove from the air. These include, among others Viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust particles. They play an essential role in cleaning the air indoors with the highest requirements for air purity and freedom from germs.

Offer a particularly high level of protection HEPA-Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) and ULPA filter (Ultra-Low Penetration Air Filters), which are extremely efficient and can retain suspended particles with an efficiency of more than 99,999%. HEPA filter contribute to making our environment cleaner and healthier and have been proven to effectively protect us from small pollutants and particles from the air.

Areas of application

Our HEPA filter are used in these areas, among others:

  • clean rooms
  • laboratories
  • pharmacy
  • medical equipment
  • Data Centers
  • Food industry

The purpose of suspended matter filters is to ensure an environment free of dust and particles while minimizing the spread of pathogens.

Professional cleaningProfessional cleaning
Healthcare & DentistryHealthcare & Dentistry


  • Frame material: metal, plastic, aluminum, MDF (medium density fibreboard)
  • Material Pleat: Mixture of borosilicate microglass fibers and synthetic components
  • Standard sizes: 305x305mm, 457x457mm, 610x610mm
  • Standard depths: 78mm, 150mm, 292mm; Special depths can be produced on request
  • Filter classes EN 1822: E10, E11, E12, H13, H14, U15
  • Filter classes DIN ISO 29463: ISO 15 – 30 E, ISO 35 – 45 H, ISO 50 U
  • Temperature resistance: 70°C
  • Moisture resistance: max. 90%
  • Special options: different types of seals possible

Technical data

HEPA Filter (610 x 610 x 292)

Filterklasse DIN EN 1822NennvolumenstromAnfangsdruckverlustFilterklasse ISO 29463
E101750 m³/h55 Pa-
E111750 m³/h125 PaISO 15 E
E121700 m³/h140 PaISO 25 E
H131700 m³/h250 PaISO 35 H
H141700 m³/h250 PaISO 45 H
Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our development service

Product design, analytics and prototyping

Our team develops individual filter concepts that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Trust in our expertise to simplify your development work and create innovative solutions.

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